Call at : 786-498-8532  ENGLISH -


Located Guide

West Flagler Street 79 ave

Zip Cod 33144

Miami Florida

Near Mall of America's (I'm live front Shopping )


Near 826 Palmetto West

with descent at West Flagler Street

Near 836 Dolphin Express Way

with descent on 87Nw then for the south side


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I'm NOT Affiliated with any low enforcement Agency ...Thanks


I never give my exact address, I always give the address near the Shopping Mall of the Americas. I do it for my safety and I also know ... ... I never have any negative comments about this, they always agree. Remember that I will attend in my personal apartment where I need it to be discreet and extremely reserved thanks


please call  in advance  please or send me mail or complete form 

remember if You send Me a message or email here will take 1 or more days

to answer...sorry

remember I am very busy Model


1) If you want to come the same day to take service you have to call me that same day a time before directly only ...

2) if you want to come at another time you can send an email here filling the form or sending a direct mail to my mail two days before to reserve your place thanks


3)Thank you for your interest in contacting me. Please, see my contact information below. The best way to contact me is by phone.( You Call [786-498-8532]

4) -Call to book an appointment the same day.

5) -and if you request that I visit your home complete the form with all your exact information one day 

in advance.... if you do not complete the form correctly I will not answer ... I'm sorry

6) Do not call from a blocked number, I will not answer.





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